Do you know what you’re teaching tomorrow?

Lesson plans are tough, whether you’re a rookie or you’ve been doing this for what seems like forever. Every day has its own curve balls and you’re expected to hit homers despite lacking time, energy, and resources.

My hope is that these lesson plans and resources help you spend your time doing what you love with the people you love…and not googling at midnight “Worksheets for teaching idioms.” This small selection of lesson plans may help you figure out what you’re doing on Monday, but TRUE PROFESSIONAL LEARNING charts the course for what you’ll do every day! For help crafting the perfect lessons using a reading and writing workshop template, check out the online course. I want to show you how lesson planning really can get done on your planning period. 

first, Check out the blog for over 20 free lesson plans!

Lesson Plan Template (Word)

First Five Days of School Lesson Plans (PPT and Video)

Nouns and Pronouns in Context: Over 30 Mentor Sentences from 10 current YA novels (Teacher Guide PDF and Mentor Sentences PPT)

Writing about theme using the poem “Invictus” (Word or PDF and PowerPoint)

Literary Terms Review cards (Word or PDF)

Setting Assessment using the short story “Fish Cheeks” (Word or PDF and Story PDF)

Analogies review worksheet (Word or  PDF)

Socratic Circles: Are Good Readers Born or Made (Article PDF, Questions Word or PDF)

Parts of Speech Review Project (PowerPoint)

Direct and Indirect Characterization using “Slower than the Rest” by Cynthia Rylant  (PDF of story and Word or PDF)

A Long Walk to Water Web quest (Word or PDF)

Man vs Nature Creative Writing with Pictures (Word or PDF and Pictures PDF)

Freak the Mighty Anticipation Guide (Word or PDF)

Reflection Quotes on Bullying (Word or PDF)

Poetry Explication: Pre-writing (Word or PDF)

End of year survey (Student Survey Response Sheet Word or PDF, Questions Only Word or PDF)